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Arctic Monkeys *Suck It And See* review

   i'ts amazing how the evolution of a band can generate such great changes in style, while still managing to create deeper, stronger, more mature and powerful musical masterpieces. many critics say that the band Arctic Monkeys is getting further and further away from the style that made them famous, or that the album Humbug along with Suck It and See have set a gap between the band and a large part of its fans. well, I have to admit I really don't understand them.
   in my opinion, having the opportunity to witness and actually hear Arctic Monkeys' evolution has been an amazing musical experience and I'm looking forward to see what they do next,
   because they have gone a long way from singing about girls that look good on the dancefloor, and as it seems, they don't intend on returning there any more. so if you thing Humbug was different, wait 'till you hear Suck It and See. you won't hear any predictable tracks. it's all new, it's all changed, and in my opinion, it's all genius. maturity and evolved musical skill oozes from every single track. actually, it was quite hard to make a selection and recommendations for this post. nonetheless, there are certain songs on this album that stand out and illustrate the new, yet classic musical style Arctic Monkeys.
   another thing I adore about this album are the constant puzzles and metaphors created by Alex Turner, whose lyrics are starting to transcend common understanding. he is constantly finding new, undiscovered ways of expressing simple things ("now it's getting dark and the sky looks sticky/more like black treacle than tar"). just listening to the lyrics on this album is mind-blowing. and combined with the astonishing instrumental layouts, this is by far one timeless and true masterpiece which will surely define or intensify the way you feel about Arctic Monkeys.
by ARCTIC MONKEYS (since 2002)
>> laura recommends:
1. black treacle
2. library pictures
3. love is a laserquest
4. piledriver waltz
>> released as single 
5. brick by brick
6. don't sit down 'cause i've moved your chair

   black treacle starts off simple, nothing more you need that a guitar riff and Alex Turner's voice, eloquently evoking poetic and "sticky" metaphors about stars and the night. with a clear and smooth pattern, this track makes you tap your feet instantly, from the first 10 seconds you hear it.
   now, with library pictures, it's a whole other story. it's complexity and continuous fluctuation in rhythm and instrumental layout create an amazing accelerated pace. with various segments intertwining and flowing in and out of each other, this is not a track to listen to and easily forget. the drums from the beginning of the track just make you hold your breath to see what happens (thank you Matt Helders for existing!), then the track tempers down suddenly, only to start up again. and just when you start to understand what is happening, the track is over. only 2:22 minutes of pure rock!
   the reverberated guitar in love is a laserquest, along with the melancholic and heartbreakingly crafted lyrics make a track which, after a few listens, will forever be stuck in your head. and only Alex Turner can write such dark, sincere lyrics, associate them with the hauntingly gloomy instrumentals, and generate a track that will stir you up inside (whoever and however you are). the general feel is perfectly illustrated by the lyric "when I'm pipe and slippers and rocking chair / singing dreadful songs about summer"
   piledriver waltz, is not your ordinary waltz. I love how Arctic monkeys have reached a point where they can create an amazing track just by using simple (yet elaborate) instrumentals, amazing lyrics with unexpected depth and staggering metaphors, and basic rhythms. This track is a perfect example of their ability to do so.
   they also kept it basic with brick by brick, but this song has something to it that makes it special, catchy, yet profound in every possible way. maybe it's the transformation and continuous evolution of the band's musical style, which is felt all along this track, and amplified by the fluctuation in rhythm, this quite new element used skilfully in multiple tracks on this album.
   even in the title of don't sit down 'cause I've moved your chair, you can sense the character of this track. it's rock, it's mad, it's noisy, it's part of the new Arctic Monkeysit's something different, it's up to you if you like it or not. 



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