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Coldplay *Mylo Xyloto* review

   what is happening to music?
   every time I listen to some band's album for the first time, I'm afraid of a major disappointment. 
like the new Coldplay album, Mylo Xyloto for example.
   I can barely hear guitars on this album and it sounds like the new electro-pop wave has eaten it alive. and when I hear Rhianna's voice on it then I know for sure this is not what I expected this band to evolve into.
   and I'm sure that they can still make amazing music, because there are several tracks scattered on the album (which will probably never be released as singles) which are truly great, and which give me a glimpse of Coldplay and what it used to be, or what it could have been. 
   unfortunately they are sliding further and further away from the style that made me love their music. 
   however, here are the very few tracks that help me hang on and hope they will somehow find their way back to making great music like A Rush of Blood to the Head or Parachutes.
by COLDPLAY (since 1997)
>> laura recommends: against the world

2. major minus

3. up with the birds

4. U.F.O.

extra (not on the album):

this last track sounds like Coldplay ought to sound like. 
it's amazing, and it's a B-side from the Every teardrop is a waterfall EP. thank god for B-sides!
this is the real Coldplay, not the commercial tracks on this Mylo Xyloto potpourri album.
Moving to Mars is the best track from released by Coldplay in 2011. I had almost forgotten Chris's voice can sound so disturbingly amazing...

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  1. Another excellent overview of the “concert experience”. Thanks


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