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Kasabian *Velociraptor* review

   new album from Kasabian, just what any fan would wish for.
   intriguing, rock, loud, bits of electronica, middle eastern influences, psychedelia, various textures, eclecticism and power!
  this album comes after West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum, which was a masterpiece in my opinion, while exceeding my hopes and expectations regarding this amazing band, and managing to surprise me with every track!
by KASABIAN (since 1997)
>> laura recommends:
1.I hear voices

2. la fee verte

3. let's roll just like we used to

4. acid turkish bath (shelter from the storm)

released as single:
5. switchblade smiles


and also,
here are some photos taken by Alex Damian at the Kasabian concert in Targu-Mures, Romania:


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